Damion Likes NZ!

CAMO News   •   December 19, 2017

Damion Likes NZ

**EDIT** Let’s cut to the chase, this took 59 minutes for us to get this post to a No.1 page rank in Google **EDIT**

Errrrrr, Damion likes NZ…what’s this all about?

A little experiment we’d like to run to see how long it takes for us to rank for those keywords in Google. While it is also a true statement, it’s not just a statement I have just plucked out of thin air. I’ve done my research and I know I’ve got a great chance at getting a first spot ranking on Google for it.

There are many factors which search engines use to determine who they show on their first page. Let’s take a look at a few of these:

  • Are the people on the first page for your keywords targeting your keywords EXACTLY?
  • Are you looking at root domains on that first page, or are they simply pages without specific keyword targeting?
  • Are they using your keywords extensively or have they simply stumbled upon a first page spot?
  • What type of page rank has Google associated with the competing sites in comparison to yours?
  • How many back links do the specific pages have that are ranking for your keywords?
  • How old are the domains which are on the first page in comparison to yours?

Another good thing to remember is:

Damion likes NZ

Well, not really, it’s irrelevant that I like NZ, but I hope you’re starting to catch on to what we’re doing here. Everything you need to know about good SEO practices can be found on our SEO Tips page. And that’s what this experiment is all about, seeing how long it takes us to rank for the search term Damion likes NZ. On our tips page I have given you the keys to the kingdom, and you can see everything we do to help your websites search results.

How long is is it going to take? Hours, days, weeks, months, years? Well, bookmark this page and check back to see the results. Do a Google Search for yourself and see if you can see this post in Google yet, and if you do, click the link and come tell us where you saw it and where we were ranked.

Let me be clear here also, I only ever use white hat SEO techniques, and that’s all this experiment will use. No cheating or underhand tactics will be used, period. And believe me there are plenty of them. If you use any dodgy practices to temporarily boost your results you’re not kidding anyone, especially Google. Wait until your site’s ranking gets lowered, or blacklisted all together, and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Remember, first thing’s first my happy little Googler’s, keyword research is always your number one go to technique when trying to increase your online visibility. If you don’t have any idea about the competition you’re up against, and I’ve said it time and time again, you’re probably already fighting a losing battle.

You should also know, searching for variations of these keywords like ‘Damo likes NZ‘ , ‘Damion likes NZ apples‘, or ‘Damo likes NZ apples‘, will yield very different results. This is true for any search term but as time goes on and with the correct strategy, you’ll start ranking for more and more of the keywords your customers are searching for. Picking the right keywords is an art and it all comes back once again to that meticulous research you all carried out before you even attempted SEO on your website, right?

Who says you can’t rank for hundreds of keywords? Not me!

Don’t forget overseas searches can return much different results, especially for a website which uses a country specific domain like .co.nz instead of a .com. Try it, Google Damion Likes NZ and post in the comments below with how we are ranking. I’m especially interested to hear from anyone who is overseas people and how we’re doing in your neck of the woods.

As of 9.26pm on the 19th of December 2017, we are not showing up on Google at all. This is exciting! I can’t wait to see how long it takes to get this page ranking.

And most importantly, who could forget, Damion likes NZ. Happy Googling everyone!

We’re a friendly bunch at the CAMO Digital Services offices so if you’ve got a question pick up the phone and give us a call, we’d be more than happy to help.

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